VirIntel LLC is a diagnostics startup with a leading scientific concept in the definition of  COVID- 19 testing. In addition, we are utilizing a computing data platform to support the search for the vaccine.

Our Test


  VirIntel bioinformatics experts are working to perfect a serological test  which will  tell if someone's immune system has learned to create antibodies that fight a particular infection.  Our test is a quantitative assay which will detect and measure anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in a patients' bloodstream. 




We are recruiting volunteers who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate a small sample of blood . This will make it possible to see who has already gone through the infection and doesn't need to worry about getting sick or spreading the disease anymore.   

Additionally, serological test data is also critical in future vaccine development and in research concerning various immune system types. Along with other scientists, we will try to predict the vulnerability of different people to virus infections based on their blood sample specifics.



Do you have patients who have recovered from COVID-19?  We are asking you to support our initiative and refer your patients to our study. 

Contact Us

Are you  a physician who would like to refer recovered patients or someone who has conquered COVID-19 and would like to help development of the antibody test and possible vaccine? If so, please reach out to us!